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HealthCARE Express practices urgent care designed with YOU in mind, and our team is determined to give each person who comes through our door a “WOWZA” customer service experience.  This means getting a compassionate smile, a warm cup of coffee, or a cool bottle of water when you walk into the clinic. You will also enjoy shorter wait times and providers who take time to listen to your concerns and still get you out of the door in a timely manner!

We have 20 clinics ranging from urgent care, to dermatology, and that number is growing! HealthCARE Express is your go-to source for convenient Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine where you will experience our “WOWZA” customer service!  Why would you go anywhere else?

Central Arkansas Urgent Care

We specialize in urgent care with a focus on amazing and speedy customer service!


Urgent Care

Don't spend thousands at the ER!  We treat cuts, cold & flu, broken bones, sprains, dislocations, ear infections/earaches, urinary tract infections (UTI), minor burns, abdominal pain/stomachache, and more!


Occupational Medicine

We provide Occupational Medicine services at all our clinics, and our top priority is to provide you and your employees with our WOWZA experience.


Hormone Therapy

Do you suffer from mood swings, lack of energy, loss of memory, problems focusing, or a nonexistent love life? BioTE® may be the answer for you. 

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Additional Services

We specialize in providing awesome urgent care, but we offer so much more!


Urinary Tract Infection

Find Relief & Understanding: Addresses the key desires of someone experiencing a UTI: feeling better and gaining knowledge.


Personal & Business Development

Improve your life, improve your business! What will it take to get you out of the rat race and take your life from ordinary to SPECTACULAR? There is no greater time than NOW to take control of your life.


Virtual Visits

Our Telemedicine Services, bring healthcare right to your fingertips. This service is available to patients over the age of 3 and our providers are available during normal business hours


Men's 3-Day Course

Gladiator is a 3-day immersion retreat filled with physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual challenges, all designed to re-connect males 21 and older with what it really means to be a man.


Women's 3-Day Course

Valkyrie is a 3-day immersion retreat for females 21 and older combining classroom instruction, outdoor activities, individual challenges, and collaborative events.