Sponge Away the Pain!

Sponge Away the Pain!

Whether you love or hate sponges, they are a staple in most households.

There are so many ways to use a sponge. You can clean dishes with one. You can wash yourself off with one. You can even use one in arts and crafts. A few people love them, others find them to be germ magnets, and some use them to define curls. But have you ever thought about using a sponge to help reduce swelling on a sprained ankle?

Many of us throw together a plastic baggie and fill it with ice cubes when we’re trying to soothe the aching muscles when we sprain something. The bad thing about that, though, is the ice eventually melts and you end up with a dripping mess. Instead of using ice you can use a frozen sponge!

A rolled, twisted, or sprained ankle can always be a surprise. Though we recommend you find the nearest Healthcare Express for life’s little urgencies, here’s a quick hack to help relieve swelling until you make it!

It’s a simple process, of course.

  • Take a clean kitchen sponge and soak it with water.
  • Place the wet sponge into a zip-top bag and remove any excess air.
  • Place the bag in the freezer overnight to freeze, and there you have it!
  • Remove the bag from the freezer and place the frozen sponge on the sore area. Even as the sponge melts you will be left with little to no mess as it will reabsorb the water again!
  •  Once it melts completely, you can just toss the bag back into the freezer. The same sponge can be used for up to a week before you need to add more water. 

Remember, apply cold to a swollen or sprained area to reduce the swelling. Using a hot compress or heating pad will encourage blood flow to the area, making the swelling worse! If your sprain is still sore and doesn’t seem to be getting better after a few days, come to HealthCARE Express and let us check it out for you!