National Nurses Week 2022: Roote...

Nurses Are The Reason To Celebrate

For years, nurses have had many duties besides caring for patients and communicating with doctors that have just been hidden from the public eye. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the need for nurses has been an increasing one. Not only that, but their roles have changed over the course of COVID-19 where they are expected to take on more and more responsibilities, making healthcare the biggest job market in the U.S.. 

With a requirement of 4 years of school to become a nurse, this career is the necessary link between patients and doctors. Hence, the celebration and acknowledgment of hard working nurses was born, specifically May 6-12 since 1994. 

The American Association of Critical–Care Nurses (ACCN) theme for National Nurse week of 2022 is “Rooted in Strength(photo also provided by ACCN). National nurses week is May 6th through the 12 and all over the country, people will celebrate nurses in many different ways as a way to honor all of the hard work nurses have achieved throughout the difficult, recent years. The chosen image to go along with this year’s theme is to represent growth from the seemingly, never-ending pandemic “wildfire”. Through all of the hardships that each individual nurse goes through, they grow stronger together. There are 20+ fields of nursing specialties, so it is almost guaranteed that you know a nurse, so let’s celebrate them!


5 Ways to Thank a Nurse During National Nurses Week:

Send a nurse a meal

Nurses work long hours, oftentimes not being able to have a proper meal. Sending a nurse a meal would guarantee to make their day.

Send a nurse a spa session

Nurses work really long, hard hours with very little breaks. A nice back massage could do just the trick to help them release body tension.

Donate blood

If you are able, donating blood is an easy way to help nurses ensure that there are the proper amount of resources needed to save lives, taking away the potential stress of running around looking for tools. 

Write a thank you note

A simple heartfelt thank you letter to a nurse, whether you know them or not, can do wonders for a healthcare professional who might be having a hard day, week, month, year, etc.  

Be kind

Being kind can go a long way. Letting your nurses and other healthcare professionals know that you see their hard work and acknowledge their role in society can make a huge difference. 

5 Reasons Society Needs Nurses:

Nurses are health advocates

Nurses provide evidence-based healthcare. They see first hand the results of living life a certain way, and more times than not, they will lead a healthier lifestyle, leading by example. 

Nurses work hard

Everyday is different for a nurse, but equally as rewarding. Nurses work hard, often long shifts, with high expectations. A lot of nurses put their patient’s needs before their own, making them the heroes of healthcare. 

Nurses know patients best

Nurses are the healthcare professionals who spend the most time with their patients, purposefully, so that their patients are comfortable, and don’t feel alone. They spend a lot of time with their patients that lead to insight about how they are really doing.

The impact of nurses is life or death

Without the crucial knowledge of nurses, the support, treatment, and more would no longer be available to those who are sick. Doctor’s would be outnumbered by patients, making healthcare unreliable. 

Their role in society has grown immensely

The definition and responsibilities of nurses can truly only be explained through experience. They do so much more than just reporting to the doctor, filling prescriptions, and checking vitals.

5 Interesting Facts about Nurses:

  1. Nursing used to be all male up until the 1600s
  2. Nurses typically walk 4-5 miles every 12-hour shift
  3. Nurses are one of the top rated trustworthy professions 
  4. Half of foreign nurses are Filipino
  5. Only 60% of nurses work in hospitals

HealthCARE Express Cherishes National Nurses Week

Here at HealthCARE Express we know that we would not be where we are without our wonderful nurses that fill the role throughout our 17 urgent care locations. For more information about national nurses week, feel free to stop by in person, or give us a call to learn about how you can thank a nurse. Not only are our lovely nurses trained in how to deal with medical ailments like fractures, colds, asthma, lacerations, infections and so much more, but this is a job where they genuinely care about the patients' health and will go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable. We’d love to hear from you regardless of the reason!