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ER vs Urgent Care for COVID-19

ER vs Urgent Care for COVID-19


During this time of crisis, emergency rooms across the country are being flooded with patients displaying mild symptoms fearing they have been infected with COVID-19. To keep our local ERs from becoming overwhelmed, HealthCARE Express is trying to inform our communities that we have three ways we can help out. 

First, we would like to let our communities know that our clinics are still open for business as normal. So, to keep from crowding emergency waiting rooms, we ask that those suffering from mild respiratory symptoms, minor injuries, or other minor health issues visit us instead. Seek care at an emergency room if you are suffering from difficulty breathing, a very high fever, or have any other severe symptoms or medical issues.

Second, those that are frightened of seeking medical care at this time can give us a call on our virtual visit hotline (877-442-3669) to schedule a virtual appointment with us. Our providers can evaluate a patient’s symptoms over a video call and can either prescribe needed medication or determine if they need to visit our clinic or seek emergency care. 

Finally, people displaying COVID-19 like symptoms (coughing, fever, shortness of breath, and sore throat) can call the same hotline number above to make an appointment at our designated COVID-19 testing center in their community to be tested for the virus.