Ditch the Tweezers!

Try Glue For Getting Out Splinters

What’s tiny, hard to see, and leaves you in excruciating pain?


The infamous splinter, second only to a paper cut when it comes to small size and big pain, will begin to haunt our households now that school is back in session. As arts and crafts begin again and falls on wood chip filled playgrounds pick up, you need a quick and easy way to remove a splinter!

The best way to deal with a splinter is to deal with it right when it happens so you can get back to your day. That’s why we’re giving you this super easy tip to remove a splinter from home!

If the splinter is still poking out of your skin, it can be removed with tape or glue. Since the kiddos are back in school, you probably already know where a bottle or two are stashed away. So, we’re going to focus on how glue can remove a splinter.

All you’ll need is a small towel and a bottle of glue!


  1. Use a school glue of your choice, and please make sure it isn’t super glue, guys!
  2. Make sure you clean the area where the splinter is, for safety reasons!
  3. Pat the area dry.
  4. Apply a drop or two of glue to the area with the splinter.
  5. Wait until the glue dries.
  6. Peel off the glue, and there you have it!

It’s super easy and affordable!

This tip is most effective on small splinters. There are several different methods on how to remove splinters, but if you aren’t comfortable removing a splinter, or if it’s too big, Healthcare Express is here for you! If the splinter is large, deep, and/or near your eye, please stop by your closest HealthCARE Express! If you give this tip a try and you aren’t seeing any results, it may be time to come see us! Splinters can be painful to remove, but things can get worse if left in since infection can begin to form. Your mom would give us a chance, and so should you!