Bryant's Hometown Hero: Jason Br...

Bryant's Hometown Hero: Jason Brown

We would like for you to meet this week’s Hometown Hero: Jason Brown!

Jason is the President/CEO of the Bryant Chamber of Commerce. He loves the people and businesses in Bryant, AR. The people of Bryant are very accepting of everyone who moves there, and as a whole it it is a young, growing community. Everyone enjoys each other, and that creates a fun environment to live and work in. Jason is proud to work at the Chamber as it allows him to work with everyone and continue to help develop the community any way he can. 

In his free time, Jason enjoys spending time with his wife, Sheri, and his son, Gabriel. He loves going out to the lake or hanging out in the woods with his friends and family. If it’s outside, he knows they will be enjoying their time together!

FUN FACT:  Jason enjoys saying “yes, ma’am” a lot, at home and at work!