We're Opening Soon!

We're Opening Soon!

All of us here at HealthCARE Express believe that a healthy life is a happy life. In honor of that, we have worked with the community here in Mount Pleasant, TX to have the week of the opening of our clinic declared Health Awareness Week!


Throughout the week, we will be hosting several fun events that will bring attention to different aspects of health. Take a look at what we have planned!


Monday, July 16 - VIP Night

Come tour the HealthCARE Express clinic and learn about health and wellness while seeing the new building!

Tuesday, July 17 – Grand Opening

The clinic is opening! We will finally be able to start serving the needs of the community.

Wednesday, July 18 - Yoga in the Park

Join us at Dellwood Park near the tennis courts from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm to do yoga for the whole family! An instructor from The Plex in Texarkana will be present to help lead the exercise.


Thursday - Teddy Bear Clinic

Bring your kiddo and their favorite teddy bear or toy to Jo’s Downtown from 5:00 pm-7:00 pm for a Teddy Bear Clinic! We want to show children that it’s okay to go to the doctor and that they don’t have to be afraid.



We hope to see you at all these events!


Dr. Tim Reynolds, M.D.