The DILL on Cucumbers and Burns

The DILL on Cucumbers and Burns

Do burns have you in a bit of a pickle?

During the hottest time of the year, we tend to turn up the heat by adding grilling, campfires, fireworks, and sunbathing to our to-do lists, being burned in some way during the summer months is ultimately inevitable. Of course, you can always use aloe or artificial burn cream, but there’s another remedy you can use that is all-natural. It’s none other than the refreshing (and delicious) cucumber!

That’s right! You read it correctly, CUCUMBERS!

If you are anything like me, you may have one or two in your refrigerator now that you promised to prep at night and have ready for an afternoon snack today. Each time you open your refrigerator and the cool air hits you as you reach for that chilled soda, there it is looking at you, taunting you, reminding you of all the health and fitness promises you made to yourself.

Cucumbers (unpickled, of course) have a lot of amazing benefits, especially for burns!

  • High water content
  • Amazing cooling quality
  • Can reduce swelling and relieve minor skin irritations
  • Rich in silica, ascorbic acid, caffeic acid, and other helpful vitamins and nutrients

With these properties, cucumbers can aid in reducing swelling and inflammation— making them very helpful in treating minor burns! Just cut the cucumber into slices, blend them up in a blender, and apply the mixture over minor burns for cooling relief.   

Though we hope you are safe this August, if you do happen to get a minor burn, come see us at HealthCARE Express and we will pick up where this natural remedy left off!