Texarkana's Hometown Hero: Trini...

Texarkana's Hometown Hero: Trinity Gardner

We would like for you to meet this week’s Hometown Hero: Trinity Gardner!

Trinity is the Volunteer Coordinator at Domestic Violence Prevention. She’s been a member of the Texarkana community for four years and has been an active volunteer here for almost as long! She is a proud member of Kiwanis Texarkana. 

Her favorite volunteer opportunity comes with her service as a member of Kiwanis: Pancake Day! This is Kiwanis’ biggest fundraiser of the year. All members along with volunteers from the community gather together and cook a big pancake breakfast for everyone present. All proceeds they raise go directly to organizations that help children in our community. 

Trinity loves how the community here in Texarkana is always ready to step up to help those in need. Whether that is food for Randy Sams’ outreach shelter, laundry detergent for Domestic Violence Prevention’s safe house, or just a local family in need, there is always a helping hand ready.

One of Trinity’s favorite local businesses is the De Kalb Grinder! It is a locally-owned coffee shop in De Kalb, TX. Every year, around Christmas time, they decorate the whole coffee shop in Christmas décor and have a giant Christmas tree on display! “It always gets me in the mood for the season!” Trinity exclaimed. 

In her free time, Trinity loves being outdoors! She enjoys taking her dogs to the local parks and trails. Her favorite trails to hike are at Bringle Lake! She loves how it so beautiful and peaceful out there.

Fun Facts!

If you could have dinner with someone famous, dead or alive, who would it be? Why?

 I would love to have dinner with Tim Tebow. He is a model Christian in our world who has such a big heart for others. One of his nonprofits called “A Night to Shine”, actually reaches our Texarkana Community. I would love to discuss his faith and how he has been able to touch so many lives through his ministry.

If you could only take one thing to a deserted island, what would it be? 

My husband, because he is very outdoorsy and knowledgeable on survival. He probably could keep us alive!