Stay Safe on the Job

Workplace Safety Starts with Awareness

Today’s workplaces are safer than ever. Thanks to 21st-century safety features, workplace incidents are down from 10.9 incidents per 100 workers in 1972 to 2.8 per 100 in 2019 (source: OSHA). Staying educated and aware is key to continued workplace safety. 

What contributes to employee injuries on the job?  

In a nutshell, work-related injuries are any injury, illness, or condition you suffer during the course and scope of your employment. These can be caused by attempting to lift items that are too heavy, improper training or instruction, fatigue or stress, misuse of equipment, and even poor lighting or other contributing workplace conditions. 

Don’t take shortcuts

Workplace safety and handling procedures exist to keep employees safe. The time you may save not following procedures is not worth the potential risk of missed work or worse that could be the result of taking shortcuts. Be sure to follow any guidelines for operating tools or equipment. If you are not trained on the equipment or don’t know the guidelines - don’t use it! 

Take a walk

One in four workplace injuries is caused by a lower back strain. This is not necessarily related to lifting heavy objects, but can also be caused by poor posture or staying in one position for extended periods of time. Every hour or so, try to take a 5-minute break to stretch, walk a bit, or change positions to help reduce long-term injury or strain.  

When in doubt, check it out

If you see something around your workplace that you think could create a dangerous situation for staff, bring it up to your boss or other higher up. Employees should be offered training on any new equipment before being required to use it. Safety equipment, such as glasses, respirators, hardhats, vests, etc. should be made available and worn when equipment is in use.

Sometimes the workers doing the jobs are able to forecast problems better than those whose sole responsibility is planning - speak up if you see something that gives you pause! 

What should I do if I have an accident on the job?

If you have an incident at work, no matter how minor - always report it to your supervisor or manager. You may not immediately think that you are hurt, but could later experience symptoms of the accident. It’s important that the incident is reported so that your employer can follow their proper protocols, which may include visiting a doctor to get checked out.

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