Spider Safety

Spider Safety

The itsy bitsy spiders (and the not so itsy bitsy ones) are soon going to be trying to find shelter from the cold. And where better to do that than inside a warm house? It’s important to know which spiders have a dangerous bite and which ones are harmless, just in case you get bitten by one of these unwelcome visitors.


No Worries: These spiders are beneficial in controlling the population of pesky insects, so it’s best to leave them alone if at all possible. If they’re in your home, try catching and releasing them back outside. They are timid and very rarely bite.

Wait and Observe: These spiders usually have painful bites, but are mostly harmless. If you have complications with the bite then it’s best to come visit HCE to have it checked out.

Take Me to HCE!:  These spiders are deadly and dangerous. Visit HCE as soon as possible if you are bitten by one.


Some Spiders to Look Out For


Trap-door Spider: No Worries

Male: -smaller than the female but about the size of your pinky nail

         -dark brown/black in coloring

         -short legs

         -round body

Female: -a little larger than male

              -rarer to see outside of their burrow

             -dark brown/black coloring

             -short legs

             -round body


Garden Orb-Weaving Spider: No Worries

-almost an inch in length

-brown but often has yellow/black/white markings

-make very intricate webs

-round body

-thin legs


Black House Spider: Wait and Observe

-about a half inch in length

-black/dark brown color

-thin body and legs

-make messy webs


Black Widow: Take Me to HCE!

-about a half inch in length

-black and shiny

-long legs

-bright red marking on underside of abdomen (can be hourglass shaped, or even just a spot)


Hobo Spider: Take Me to HCE!

-roughly two thirds an inch long

-legs are about two inches


-chevron like markings on abdomen

-prefer to stay on the ground, so you probably won’t see these guys on your wall


Mouse Spider: Wait and Observe

Male: -about a half inch long

          -has a blue abdomen and red thorax

          -black legs

          -smaller than female

Female: -a little larger than male

              -rounder abdomen



Huntsman: No Worries

-small body

-long legs (the front two pairs are longer than the others)

-light brown with dark brown markings


Saint Andrew’s Cross Spider: No Worries

-about a fourth to a half inch in length

-usually sit in their webs upside down

-brown with yellow stripes

-rarely leaves its large web


Brown Recluse: Take Me to HCE!

-a fourth to three fourths inch body


-dark brown violin shaped marking on back


Wolf Spider: Wait and Observe

-half an inch to one inch in length

-mottled gray and brown in color

-thin legs

-abdomen is thinner than thorax