Shield Your Eyes!

Always Wear Protective Eyewear

Your eyes are some of the most sensitive organs in your body. They are very easily damaged, so it is important to do whatever you can to keep them safe. There are several activities that you can do that can potentially damage your eyes, so here are a few ways you can take care of them this season!

Swimmers:  One of the things most heavily associated with the summer is swimming. Kids and adults alike love to swim, but not many people think of the damaging effects that pool water can have on your eyes. While chlorine is meant to eliminate bacteria that might be present in the pool water, it isn’t always effective. This bacteria can cause infection, so it’s best to wear goggles to avoid picking up any unwanted bacteria.

DIY-ers:  The summer is also a great time to start getting work done on your do-it-yourself projects. While many of these projects don’t present much danger, people working in more construction oriented projects may face more risk. It’s best to wear safety goggles or glasses so that flying debris won’t enter your eyes.

Athletes:  Summer is time to start getting practice in for sports, or for summer leagues. Not every sport requires the player to wear protective eye-wear, but if it does, do it!  You wouldn’t want a ball flying towards you to hit you in the eye.

Sun Lovers:  Here’s one that’s important in any season, but especially during the summer when you’re out in the sun a lot more. Just like the skin, your eyes are prone to sun damage, so it’s extremely important that you wear sunglasses. Too much sun exposure to your eyes can cause anything from cancer to cataracts.


Be kind to your eyes and protect them!

Tim Reynolds, M.D.