Sherwood Hometown Hero: Mike San...

Sherwood Hometown Hero: Mike Sanders

We would like for you to meet this week’s Hometown Hero: Mike Sanders!

Mike is the IT Specialist at Lexicon Inc. where he’s been working for 6 years. He is currently a member of the Rotary Club of Sherwood. He’s also been an active member of the Sylvan Hills Sherwood Optimist Club for the past 28 years. Mike has served on the Sylvan Hills Sherwood Optimist Club’s board of directors for 16 years and has served as its president three times! As far as volunteer opportunities go, Mike loved coaching baseball for 28 years. “Teaching life lessons to the youth of Sherwood while they’re playing baseball is incredibly rewarding,” he said. He also enjoys helping organizations such as the Gravel Ridge Hunger Helpers whose goal is to help feed the kids and families in his community. Mike views his election to the Sherwood City Council and the opportunity it provided him to serve the people of his city as his greatest professional accomplishment.

Mike’s favorite thing about Sherwood is that it’s a larger city with a small-town feel. “Sherwood’s slogan is ‘Close to the action, far from the noise,’ and I think that’s what most of our citizens love about Sherwood as well,” he explained. He is proud that Sherwood has some of the best schools in Central Arkansas, and that the police and fire protection services are second to none. He also believes the local organizations that provide sports and recreation for local youth are some of the best in the state.

In his free time, Mike enjoys spending time with his family. He is proud to have raised his three sons into successful men right here in Sherwood, AR. He loves days when he and his wife just get in their car and drive with no destination in mind. 


I drove for the first time by myself at the age of 13. I also coached my first competitive youth basketball team when I was 19 and officiated my first High School Football game at 20.