Rockstar of the Week: Hillary Mi...

Rockstar of the Week: Hillary Mitchell

Some people just think of their jobs as a means to an end, a way to make a paycheck. But some people truly love their job and the community around it. This is especially true of this week’s Rockstar: Hillary Mitchell! She is a provider and clinic lead at HealthCARE Express Longview. She’s been with the company for almost two years now, and she feels like every member of her team is a member of a family.  “I enjoy being able to have relationships with people across multiple states because of how tight-knit our company is,” she said. 

Hillary’s journey to work with HealthCARE Express began after she had children. “I feel like I was led to become part of the medical community,” she explained, “I wanted to understand what was going on and always wanted to know the ‘why’ behind what providers did.” It was then that she realized that to really understand why doctors did what they did she was going to need to go back to school and learn for herself! A Longhorn through and through, Hillary completed her bachelor's degree at The University of Texas-Austin and received her master’s degree from The University of Texas-Tyler! 

“I always wanted to work at HCE since I graduating nurse practitioner school,” Hillary said, “I had been here several times as a patient and loved how nice and pretty the clinics were and how awesome the staff was!” So, once Hillary saw a position at a clinic was available, she jumped on the chance. She loves being able to interact with patients and her team members in the fast-paced urgent care setting. Currently, she is also working on completing her certification in psychiatric and mental health services so she can broaden the spectrum of care she is able to provide to her patients.   

During the COVID-19 epidemic, Hillary has stepped up to speak with and provide care with patients who are positively diagnosed with the virus. She speaks with each patient, helps provide them with education to help them get through the illness, and then works with them to schedule follow-up visits to check on their health.

Outside of work, Hillary enjoys spending time with her family and husband. She also enjoys watching scary shows on TV!