Protect Your Lungs!

Protect Your Lungs!

If you’re someone who likes to shred leaves after raking them up, you should consider wearing a respirator! Shredding produces a lot of dust, and while you may think leaf dust is harmless it can do some real damage to your lungs. 

You don’t have to fork out a lot of money to buy a respirator. Just use an old t-shirt and make your own!


  • Lay out the old shirt flat on a flat surface.
  • Cut out a space at the bottom that is the width of your hand with the fingers spread out.
  • Make one cut to free the ends.
  • Put the two ends together and fold the longest piece in half to make the following cuts.
  • Measure out three more handspans.
  • Cut out the center, leaving a space on the upper and lower edges.
  • Grab two of the ties and pull the mask across the bridge of your nose and tie them around the back of your neck.
  • Grab the last two ties and tie them up on top of your head. Make sure the lower part of the mask covers the chin.

Try it out and keep your lungs clear!