Playground Safety!

Playground Safety!

Children love to run around and have fun, especially when visiting a playground. They can be reckless, but not every risk to them comes from acting wild and having fun.

Keep Children Within Sight At All Times

-There are many dangers involved with children getting out of sight of their parent or the adult watching over them. They could be kidnapped, or they may hurt themselves. It’s best to keep close watch of them to prevent these, and other playground mishaps.

Check Temperature Of Slides Before Letting Children Use Them

-This is especially important during the summer. The sun can heat up slides to temperatures that could burn your child while they are sliding down them.

The Length Of Soft Surface Under Swings Should Be Double the Height Of the Swing Set (i.e. Wood Chips, Gravel, Sand)

-Kids like to see how high they can go while on swingsets, and that can sometimes lead to them falling out. Some simply enjoy leaping from the swing when it reaches a great height. Either way, it is important to make sure there is enough of a soft surface to land on in case they fall.

Children Should Wear Shoes To Protect Their Feet

-This can prevent them from cutting their foot on a sharp rock, or from getting splinters. The playground, as a public place, is a good place to pick up diseases, so keeping your child in shoes minimizes the contact they may have with diseased surfaces.

Inspect Sandbox For Hazardous Objects

-Some animals, such as snakes, may use sandboxes as places to burrow during warm weather. There can also potentially be bits of broken glass or other dangerous objects inside.

Openings In Playground Equipment Should Be Less Than 3.5 Inches Or Larger Than 9 Inches So A Head Cannot Get Caught

-We all know that some children enjoy sticking their heads in things that they probably shouldn’t, sometimes just to see if they can. Make sure the openings in the play equipment your child is playing are large enough to prevent these types of things from happening.

Apply Sunscreen On Children Before Sending Them To Play

-Like other points on this list, this is especially important during the summer, but it is still possible to get sunburns during more mild months.

If your child gets injured on the playground, be sure to bring them to HCE so we can get them feeling better fast so they can enjoy the rest of their summer vacation!