Paris Hometown Hero: Pastor Gary...

Paris Hometown Hero: Pastor Gary Savage

We would like for you to meet this week’s Hometown Hero: Pastor Gary Savage!

Pastor Savage is proud to have accepted his calling to join the ministry and how he has helped bring people in the Paris community into faith. He loves Paris for how small its community is, yet how full it is of job opportunities, entertainment, and opportunities for people to become better. Pastor Savage spends time helping the local youth at different youth organizations, including his outreach program, Pressing Toward the Mark, that was established in 2016. He is also the Training Coordinator at Campbell Soup, where he has been an employee for 31 years.

In his free time, Pastor Savage loves playing basketball and dominoes. He likes to debate, and he will spend hours debating an issue with someone and be willing to come back to the topic the next day!


FUN FACT: I am from Detroit Texas but have lived in Paris for 31 years. I am the sixth child of 9 boys.