Our COVID-19 Stance

Don't Put Off Your Wellness. Your Health is Essential!

It is important to us that you know you are safe in our clinics and that visiting will not put you at risk of exposure. All patients with COVID-19 symptoms are tested outside of the clinic and remain in their vehicles to minimize the risk of infection for other patients and staff. Don’t put off your essential care due to fear of COVID-19. If you require refills of essential medications such as insulin, inhaler, blood pressure medication, and more, please come visit us or call our virtual visit hotline so we can make sure you are able to get your prescriptions refilled. It is extremely dangerous to go without those medications and many more. Diabetics can fall into diabetic ketoacidosis and potentially die from its complications if they do not have access to insulin. Those who suffer from hypertension that don’t take their blood pressure medication can potentially have a heart attack or suffer from a stroke. Don’t overcrowd the ER and overwhelm the staff trying to take care of potentially infected COVID patients. HealthCARE Express is here for you!

Here's How You Can See Us...

Our Clinics are Open!

Our clinics are open for business! You can still come to visit us for life's little urgencies.

Visit Us Virtually

We are now implementing virtual visits, so you can be seen from anywhere that has access to the internet at home or using cellular coverage!