Never Miss a Monday!

Never Miss a Monday!

We have all decided at one point or another that, “Today is the day we start a new life!” We head to the gym or group class and we give it our all! We are determined we can get through a group class and end our workout with a 20-minute “brisk” walk on the treadmill.

Then reality hits.

You’re 15 minutes into the workout and you’re confused why time is moving so slowly and chasing your children around the back to school display at Walmart didn’t exactly get you in shape for this moment.

The next day you’re sore, unable to sit, and dreading going back.

So, what do you do to recover?

Grab an orange!

Exercise, while great for your health, can put a lot of strain on your muscles. Oranges, especially navel oranges, are rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish the muscles and help keep them strong. These properties also help the body repair itself after a workout.   

The juice of navel oranges is also incredibly nourishing and hydrating! Drinking some before and after workouts will help keep you from getting dehydrated. This is much healthier than drinking those sugar and chemical-filled energy drinks. The sugars in natural orange juice are more easily processed than the refined or artificial sweeteners in sports drinks, which are more likely to be stored in the body as fat because they are harder to break down.

Also, this hack is great for those who have intense practices during the dog days of summer! Before sending your children out for two-a-days, band practice, or early morning cross country runs, offer them a cup of fresh orange juice to help their muscles fight against fatigue.

If you work out regularly or are getting back in the gym, either eat an orange before a workout or drink the juice of a couple of freshly squeezed oranges to keep yourself fueled and hydrated! Be sure to save your orange peels for tomorrow’s Health Hack!