Marshall's Hometown Hero: Flo Ja...

Marshall's Hometown Hero: Flo Jasper

We would like for you to meet this week’s Hometown Hero: Flo Jasper!      

If anyone knows what’s awesome about our hometown, it’s Flo! "When people say there is nothing going on in Marshall, TX they are wrong. There are so many exciting things to do in our county, no one should be bored!" 

Flo is a retired County Extension Agent of Family and Consumer Science, formally known as Home Economics Agent for the Marshall/Harrison County Extension Office. She had this position for 35 years! 

Since retiring, Flo has spent much of her time volunteering and helping out around the community. Her most favorite volunteer opportunities were serving as the Former Assistant District Governor for the Metro Rotary Club. She also loves serving the Chamber of Commerce and teaching people about the opportunities they are offered through their local chamber. She also loves sitting on the hospital fundraiser board to raise funds to purchase necessary equipment and supplies that are needed. There have been so many volunteer opportunities in her life that it’s hard for her to remember them all. She said, "If someone is looking for opportunities to volunteer in our community there are plenty of opportunities all around." Everyone should try at least once to give back to their community. “Each one, reach one!” 

While volunteer opportunities are super important, it’s also important to support your local businesses! Why not go try out Flo’s two favorite locally-owned businesses: Cajun Tex and Central Perks!