Longview Scavenger Hunt

Longview Scavenger Hunt

Hey, Longview! You guys ready to have a bit of fun?

HealthCARE Express is hosting a scavenger hunt event from Friday, October 6 to Friday, October 15. We want the community to participate and get involved by gathering the list of things below:  

  1. For National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, snap a picture of yourself in your pink tee-shirt!
  2. Take a picture or screenshot of you “liking” our HCE Longview Facebook page!
  3. Take a picture of yourself standing outside of our HCE Longview clinic.
  4. Join our text alerts! Text HCELV to 64600 to sign up today!
  5. Take a picture of yourself wearing a band-aid. ‘Cause if a band-aid won’t fix it, HCE can!
  6. Take a picture of yourself holding a cough drop. Winter is coming fast, and sore throats are around the corner.
  7. Take a picture of yourself with a thermometer in your mouth, because this contest is HOT!
  8. Take a picture of yourself holding a penny with the year 2006, the same year HealthCARE Express was founded!
  9. Video yourself properly washing your hands.
  10. Video yourself demonstrating the proper way to cough and sneeze.

Send photos and videos to Laticia at laticia.smith@healthcareexpress.us.You must have all components to be eligible to win, so do be sure to email your pictures to Laticia before the 15th! The winner will be decided at a drawdown on October 16th that will be hosted on Facebook Live on HealthCARE Express Longview’s clinic page. The winner of the scavenger hunt will win a grand prize of $500!

There are two ways to claim your prize! Either you are present during the drawdown and claim it live, or — if you can’t make the live event— we will post the winner on the Facebook page and you will have 24 hours to claim your prize. This process will continue until we find someone eligible to claim the prize.