Longview Hometown Hero: Paula Wa...

Longview Hometown Hero: Paula Warner

We would like for you to meet this week’s Hometown Hero: Paula Warner! 

Every day, Paula’s goal is to place smiles on the faces of people out in her community. It warms her heart! She is always thinking of ways to make someone’s day. In fact, she is already planning some amazing things for families in Longview this upcoming holiday season. “You don’t know the need until you get out in the community,” Paula says. So, she likes to stay as active as possible to make the lives of those around her great.  

Paula is an entrepreneur. If running your own business sounds hard enough, try running three! Paula and her husband run 3 Girls Transport, 3 Girls Nutrition, and Loyalty Logistics. With all of these businesses to run, one would think Paula is all work and no play! Contrary to that, she is always down to do the silliest things with no shame, especially when it comes to her kids and the challenges they dare her to do! She loves being a mom and spending time relaxing with her family.