Longview Hometown Hero: Amanda V...

Longview Hometown Hero: Amanda Veasy

We would like for you to meet this week’s Hometown Hero: Amanda Veasy!                                     

Amanda Veasy is the co-leader of One Love Longview, a local volunteer organization. She has never been prouder of anything than she is of this organization. Amanda loves that her community is on the brink of a cultural shift, and she is proud to be part of it. Longview is a kind, generous, and fun community. The slogan on the back of the One Love Longview shirts, “Make Kindness Go Viral” is coming true. 

Four years ago, Amanda opened a brick and mortar business. Sadly, it failed within the first six months of it being open. She lost money and time, but instead of viewing that experience as a failure, Amanda now sees it as a success. That experience helped her to grow and gain experience. “I think that failure set me up for what was to come,” she said, “We don't always understand setbacks, but God is using it to push us forward.”   

In her free time, Amanda loves spending time with her husband, four children, and friends. Any day she can serve others is her favorite day. She loves shopping and participating in community events. 

FUN FACT: I was totally at a loss with this question, so I asked my kids. They said I am outgoing, pretty, and cool! I am feeling pretty amazing to have my kids say all those things about me since they usually think I am the least cool person on the planet!