It's Physical Fitness Month!

It's Physical Fitness Month!

May is National Physical Fitness Month!


There are, of course, tons of reasons why being active and physically fit are beneficial to your health.



-Lowered risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and some cancers

-Weight management

-Lowered cholesterol and blood pressure

-Strengthened muscles, bones, and joints

-Increased longevity


When we were kids, odds are we were much more active than we are today. We’d run around outside and play games at recess. Many of us now, though, stay stuck behind desks working a 9-5 job. We don’t get out much, and we move even less than that.


But you don’t have to fall into that sedentary trap!


Being active shouldn’t be so hard for people to do. You don’t have to do some grandiose workout regimen to start working on getting physically fit. You can start with baby steps— you’d be surprised how quickly a simple change in lifestyle can affect how you feel. Is there an elevator in your office building? Try taking the stairs instead. Take a group fitness class at a local gym. There are some really fun ones available, and exercising in groups is easier than doing it all alone. You can even go for a short walk on your lunch break. Just adding a little bit of movement to your life can greatly increase your fitness.  


Go get moving!

Tim Reynolds, MD