How to Stop Swimmer’s Ear Before...

How to Stop Swimmer’s Ear Before It Stops You

The end is near, and we can all feel it. The free spirit of summer will quickly be replaced with the responsibility of school. Whether you are having to get yourself and your kids back on an early morning schedule, prepping for another year of teaching or dreading the sound of your cellphone’s alarm waking you for a 9 o’clock lecture you don’t have time to shower for; summer is slowly coming to an end.

Swimming is one of the best things about summer! It’s great exercise, and it’s refreshing! But sadly, the end of summer brings the end of recreational swimming. With many pools closing by Labor Day, people will be rushing to the closest lake, beach, or water park to enjoy as many dips in the cooling water as possible.

Though you would think swimmer’s ear is only for swimmers, you don’t have to go swimming to get it. An especially humid day and sweating can cause the infection, too. The moisture trapped in your ear is a perfect place for bacteria to grow. Though we recommend that you go your nearest Healthcare Express to be seen for this, here is a quick tip to help ease some of the discomfort you may be experiencing.

You can treat swimmer’s ear at home with a simple mixture!

  1.  Take white vinegar and rubbing alcohol and mix them in a bowl in equal parts.
  2. Pour about 1 teaspoon of the mixture into the infected ear.
  3.  Let it sit for a moment before letting it drain back out.

This mixture helps prevent further growth of bacteria and dries up some of the excess moisture! However, if you have tried this and you are still experiencing any of the following:

  • itching in your ear canal
  • excessive fluid drainage or discharge
  • increasing pain
  • trouble hearing

Please come see one of our amazing providers at Healthcare Express! After all, we are here for life’s little urgencies!