Have You Had Your Wellness Exam?

Have You Had Your Wellness Exam?

You’re never too old for a checkup. That’s why you should come get your wellness visit done at HealthCARE Express. If you’re under 40, you should get a wellness checkup done at least every five years, and any older than 40 your visits should jump up to a visit every three or fewer years. If you take any prescription medications, though, you should look into getting a wellness visit done a little more often to make sure your medications are still working properly for you.

Some Examples of Wellness Checkups

General Checkup

These involve several different kinds of screenings to evaluate your health including cancer screenings, cholesterol screenings, diabetes screenings, blood pressure screenings, and more. How often you require these checkups depends on your age, of course, but you definitely want to get them done to avoid health issues sneaking up on you.

Cancer Screenings

People with a personal or family history of cancer are more at risk of developing cancer, so it’s important to make sure these screenings are part of your wellness exams. Mortality rates for people diagnosed with cancer who are regularly screened are from 3-35% less than those who do not go to regular screenings.

Cholesterol Screenings

Adults should have their cholesterol checked every 4-6 years. There are no symptoms of having high cholesterol, so it’s important to have it checked regularly. Cholesterol levels increase in your body as you age, so it is especially crucial for those older than 40 to get cholesterol tests done. If high cholesterol runs in your family, you have heart disease or type II diabetes, you are overweight, you’re leading a sedentary lifestyle, or you smoke or drink, your chances of developing high cholesterol are increased.

Diabetes Screenings

People over 45 to 70 years old and people who are overweight should be screened for type II diabetes every two years even if initial screenings come back normal. Older adults are at higher risk of developing type II diabetes, but children and young adults who are overweight and considered at risk of developing diabetes should be screened every two years.  

Blood Pressure Screenings

You should have a blood pressure screening every 2 years after age 20 if you have had high blood pressure before. If not, then adults between 18 and 39 should get screened every 3 to 5 years. If you are older than 40, then you should be screened every year.

High blood pressure presents no symptoms, so it is important to get screened to catch it, as having high blood pressure can lead to different types of heart disease.

STD/STI Screenings

It’s a smart idea to get screened for STDs and STIs, especially if you are sexually active and not in a committed relationship.


General health checkups also involve keeping your vaccinations up to date. Like with the other screenings, the vaccinations you require are dependent on your age and how recently you have gotten them.


Women’s Health Checkup

            Pap Testing

In women younger than 30, pap screenings should be done to check for HPV and cervical cancer. In women older than 30, these exams can be done every five years.

            Pelvic Exam

During a pelvic exam, your doctor evaluates your reproductive organs to check their health.

          Breast Cancer Screenings

Women need to have mammogram breast cancer screenings done every one or two years after they turn 40.


Men’s Health Checkup

            Prostate, Testicular, and Colorectal Cancer Screening

Men should have prostate cancer screenings every year after 45. The US Preventive Services Task Force now says that men should not self-screen for testicular cancer, and should have a medical professional screen for it at a wellness exam, especially in men between the ages of 15 and 34. Colorectal screenings should be done regularly for men over the age of 50.


Pediatric Checkup

Depending on the age of your child, they may require different types of exams. Younger children need these checkups to see if they are on track with their growth and development. These visits can also help determine if your child has any learning disabilities. Older children, from preteens to teenagers, need their own developmental exams. It’s important to start screening for STDs and STIs in children that are sexually active. Of course, vaccinations are important for all ages, not just infants and toddlers. Make sure your school-age children stay up to date on their shots!


You can visit HealthCARE Express any time for a general wellness exam, no appointment necessary! Your health insurance will, of course, influence what all is covered for wellness exams. Not all insurance policies cover blood work and lab work that some of these exams require.