Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Time

Spooky season is upon us and that means candy, cavities, and above all, caution. Halloween can be an exciting time when your little monsters can dress up and create lasting memories. At HealthCARE Express we want to help ensure the health and wellness of your child, even outside of our clinics. To keep your family safe during the trick or treat hours, please follow these tips.

10 Tips For A Safe Halloween

1) Always have a planned route 

Plan your route in advance in areas that you and your family are familiar with. Be proactive and set up a meeting point where your child(ren) is comfortable going to and will wait for you. 

2) Wear something reflective

Trick or treating often tends to extend into the twilight hours of Halloween. The vehicles on the road will have a lot going on around them and their attention levels will be strained. That is why it is important to have your child wear something that is reflective. Preferably, something reflective that they cannot remove from their clothing. 

3) Always makes sure your child is accompanied by an adult 

Children under the age of 12 should always be accompanied by an adult while enjoying Halloween fun. For kids that are over 12, ensure that they are with a group and have a cellphone on them. Set up a plan to have them call you periodically and know their route!

4) Inspect candy before eating it

We have all heard the stories about the dangers of eating unwrapped candy acquired while children were trick or treating. Look at the candy that your little trick-or-treater brings home before they eat it. You can never be too careful!

5) Ensure you have your cell phone

You never know when you will have an emergency within your own group or others around you. Keep a cell phone and fully charged external battery with you so you can contact emergency services, if necessary. 

6) Check candy ingredients for potential allergens 

Your child is probably going to be ripping into the candy as fast as they can once they get it. That’s why it is important to understand your child(ren)’s food allergies and the ingredients of the candies they are eating. If necessary, keep an epi-pen on hand and be ready to contact emergency services.

7) Do not put costume masks over protective masks

The CDC is advising not to have your child(ren) wear a protective mask under a costume mask as it can make breathing difficult. Please follow all local guidelines and policies about masks if the child is going to not be wearing a costume mask. Additionally, it is advised not to decorate your protective mask as this could harm the integrity of it. 

8) Keep groups small

If you are the party leader with a group of children, ensure that you have the help you need or have the group be small enough for you to manage alone. You think your child(ren) goes crazy when they eat candy, now imagine a pack of them. So, make sure that you can keep accountability for everyone in your group at all times. 

9) Set a curfew

If you have older children who wish to split up or go alone on their own trick or treating with friends, then establish a curfew. In the past, our parents used to tell us to, “come home when the street lights come on.” This is still a great practice to use on Halloween just in case your child(ren) are not connecting with you regularly through the night.

10) Go trick or treating as early as possible to avoid crowds

The earlier you are able to get Halloween going, the less crowd you get to avoid. This will help you to keep your group together and safe as the night goes on. Plus it ensures all your little monsters get the best candy before anyone else.

Happy Halloween From HealthCARE Express

Halloween is a great time of year for everyone! So, make sure that you follow these tips to get you through a fun-candy filled night. Tag us on all the pictures of your little-ones dressed up for their big night on social media, we would love to share the experience with you! From the HealthCARE Express family to your happy Halloween and a safe trick-or-treating.

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