Get the Water Out of Your Ears!

Get the Water Out of Your Ears!

We’re sure you’re cramming in that last bit of pool time that’s left of the summer. So, don’t let a little water in your ears keep you from enjoying what’s left!

If you’re lucky, it’s not that hard to get the water out of your ears after a swim. Sometimes, all you have to do is give your earlobe a little jiggle and the problem seems to fix itself. If that doesn’t seem to be working, though, there are a few other remedies you can try before pouring drops into your ears.

The first is very simple. Most of us tend to carry some type of gum on our person to pop and chase away that midday funk after you’ve had lunch. Did you know chewing gum can help let water out of your ears? Simply pop a piece of your favorite gum in your mouth and tilt the waterlogged side of your head towards the floor. As you chew, the tension in your ears will loosen and relax, helping the water trapped there to flow out.

This second technique might require something a little… unconventional. Take a balloon, if you have one, and blow into it a few times. Doing so helps to relieve tension in the ears and can help loosen the water inside. Similarly, you can try a method without the balloon. Simply close your mouth, squeeze your nostrils closed, and attempt to breathe out air through your nose. Be careful, since doing this too hard can damage your eardrum! If you hear or feel a popping sensation, that means the tension has been released. Now, just tilt your head and let the water drain out!

If none of these methods work, or if you are experiencing pain from the water trapped in your ears, come pay us a visit at HealthCARE Express!