Flu vs COVID-19!

Flu vs COVID-19!

Flu season is upon us. The best way to avoid the flu, and its possible complications, is to get the annual flu vaccine! The strain of flu that is prevalent each year can vary, and the body’s immunities deteriorate over time, so it is important to get the shot yearly. 

Along with the problematic COVID-19 still running amok, this year’s flu season can prove to be potentially dangerous, especially for those with weakened immune systems. Check out the graphic below to see what symptoms both viruses have in common! 

Symptom Chart For COVID-19 and The Flu

Typically, someone infected with the flu starts to show symptoms from one to four days after infection. For COVID-19, it can take anywhere from two days to two weeks! Both viruses are contagious as early as one day before the sick person begins to experience symptoms. The flu remains contagious up to a week after infection, and those with weakened immune systems can be contagious even longer. COVID-19 patients remain contagious for around 10 days after their symptoms appeared. Even asymptomatic patients are contagious for the same amount of time.      

Both viruses spread from person-to-person. This is why it is recommended that people stay up to six feet away. As respiratory illnesses, both viruses are mainly spread through droplets expelled by an infected person’s cough, sneeze, or talking. If these droplets are inhaled by a healthy person, it is possible they will become infected by the virus. The viruses can also be spread through physical contact. If an infected person touches their face and then shakes hands with a non-infected person, or if they touch a doorknob after touching their face, the viruses can spread to another person. Studies show that COVID-19 is more contagious than the flu, especially among those with weak immune systems.  

Get your flu shot at HealthCARE Express to keep yourself safe from getting sick! The flu shot will not give you the flu, though some people can have minor reactions to it. Yearly flu shots cover the four most prevalent strains of the flu that are going around, so you can still potentially get the flu even if you get the shot. The flu shot, though, will help lessen the symptoms of the virus, making it easier to recover from. Young children, the elderly, and people with chronic conditions should get the flu shot as the flu can be potentially dangerous for them. 

 Don’t let the flu keep you from living your life. Come get your flu shot at HealthCARE Express today! A flu shot is only $35 for cash-pay patients and is free with Medicare and most insurance.