Did You Bang Your Head on the We...

Brainscope One Has You Covered!


You’re working out, lifting your normal amount of weights, but you’re starting to feel ambitious. You can lift more than this, right? What could adding more weight hurt? You slip a few more pounds onto the bar and start your reps.

It starts off pretty easy, but with each lift, your arms get more and more tired until it happens… your arms buckle. You drop the bar and it comes crashing down, the corner of one of the weight catching you in the forehead.

Your head hurts, but you push it off as nothing, reassuring everyone that has rushed over to see if you need help. You’re feeling fine for a while, but as the time ticks by your reaction time starts to slow and it’s getting harder and harder to keep your eyes open.

You’ve had a concussion.

A brain injury needs prompt diagnosis and treatment, but it’s not always easy to detect. That’s why it’s important to get any head injury checked, even if you think you’re okay. Fortunately, we can screen for concussions and other serious brain injuries right here at our clinic, with an innovative new device called the BrainScope® One. A BrainScope One head injury assessment is…

- Fast. An assessment can be completed in as quickly as 10 minutes.

- Patient-friendly. It’s non-invasive.

- Accurate and comprehensive. BrainScope One is the only device that objectively assesses the entire spectrum of brain injury – including concussions.

- Convenient. Reduces the wait times, expense, and stress of a typical ER visit.

- Peace of mind. Get the answers you need, and treatment if you need it.


What to expect:

A provider will discuss your injury and symptoms with you, then place a disposable BrainScope One headset on your head. It measures your brain’s electrical activity and neurocognitive function. Using a handheld portable screen, the clinician will review your data to answer two key questions:

1. Is it likely that there’s a structural brain injury that would be visible on a CT scan?

2. Is there evidence of functional abnormality that would indicate a concussion?

Depending on those results, you may be referred for proper treatment or further tests. The BrainScope One assessment is FDA-cleared for patients 18-85 years of age, and for use within 3 days of mild head injury.

If you have recently been in an accident and suspect you may have suffered a head injury, come to HealthCARE Express. With this new service, we can treat you even faster and more efficiently than before