Great News! Healthcare Express M...

Great News! Healthcare Express Mount Pleasant Now Accepts Medicaid Plans

We're thrilled to announce that Healthcare Express in Mount Pleasant, Texas, is now accepting Medicaid plans! This exciting development significantly expands access to high-quality urgent care for our community's most vulnerable residents. 

At Healthcare Express, we understand that unexpected illnesses and injuries can arise at any time. Having access to affordable, convenient care is crucial. By accepting Medicaid, we're removing a significant barrier for those who rely on this vital health insurance program. 

Benefits for the Mount Pleasant Community 

  • Increased Access to Urgent Care: With Medicaid coverage accepted at Healthcare Express, Mount Pleasant residents can receive prompt medical attention for non-life-threatening conditions without worrying about upfront costs. This reduces strain on emergency rooms and ensures timely treatment for urgent needs. 

  • Quality Care for All: Our commitment to providing exceptional care extends to everyone in our community. Accepting Medicaid allows us to serve a broader range of patients, ensuring everyone receives the high-quality treatment they deserve. 

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing you have access to affordable healthcare, especially during unexpected situations, brings peace of mind. Healthcare Express is here to provide comprehensive urgent care services, all while accepting Medicaid plans for your convenience. 

Experience the Healthcare Express Difference 

Healthcare Express in Mount Pleasant is proud to be a part of this community. We offer a warm, welcoming environment with extended hours to fit your busy schedule. Our team of dedicated professionals provides efficient and compassionate care for a wide range of urgent medical needs. 

Ready to Experience the Difference? 

We invite Mount Pleasant residents with Medicaid plans to visit Healthcare Express! Walk in or schedule an appointment online for a fast and convenient urgent care experience. 

Don't wait! With our expanded coverage options, getting the healthcare you need is easier than ever.