Atlanta's Hometown Hero: Kali Ru...

Atlanta's Hometown Hero: Kali Rushing

We would like for you to meet this week’s Hometown Hero: Kali Rushing!

Kali Rushing is the owner of Kali Rushing Photography and the office manager of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. She just recently remodeled her first storefront studio in downtown Atlanta, but she’s had her own business for eight years! Kali loves working with people and creating things. So, owning her own photography business allowed her to have the best of both worlds. She works both of these awesome jobs while raising her three-year-old son, William! 

A lifelong resident of Atlanta, Kali says her favorite thing about her hometown is the unity in the community. “This town will join together at the drop of a hat to take care of a need,” she said. She loves the spirit of “Live, Love, Shop, Eat Local” that the town has. Even during times of crisis, Atlanta never stops supporting its community. In the spirit of shopping local, be sure to visit Kali’s favorite local business, Price Hardware! 

Kali strongly believes the Chamber is the perfect networking organization. “We connect our local businesses to our community and to each other, creating bonds that benefit everyone,” she explained. Even in Kali’s local photography group, there is a motto of “community over competition” where they help build each other up and serve their clients in the best way. As an employee of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, Kali’s duties involve all of the accounting aspects. When she has a spare moment, she is always helping her coworkers with their job of creating fun and unifying events for the community. Kali even devotes any Saturday she has to set up, clear off, and be where there is a need. Now, that’s dedication!

In her free time, Kali loves to be outside or watch movies with her son. She loves to travel and going hiking and kayaking.  


Fun Facts!

If you could have dinner with someone famous, dead or alive, who would it be? Why?

I’m honestly going to have to be 17 years old for a second and say Taylor Swift. She’s so talented and successful, it would be neat to visit with her. 

If you could only take one thing to a deserted island what would it be?

An answer from a mom with two jobs - a hammock!