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The Best Advice is the Kind You Can Pass On!

What is something you wish you would have known when you were younger and moving from one grade to the next? Do you have any helpful knowledge you want to pass on to younger students? Here’s your chance! 

The employees of HealthCARE Express and its affiliated companies have banded together to fund the “Pay It Forward Scholarship” Sweepstakes. They wanted to pay it forward to graduating high school seniors, and they will be giving out three awards of $500 to help them prepare for college or vocational school.

With the “Pay It Forward Scholarship” Sweepstakes by HealthCARE Express, graduating high school seniors are asked to give their best advice to younger graduating students. There are three categories available for submission: advice for graduating kindergarteners, advice for graduating fifth-graders, and advice for graduating eighth-graders. The winner of each category will receive $500.

What It's All About

It's been a tough school year for everyone, and we wanted to celebrate the high school seniors in our communities and share some hopeful messages with younger students moving forward in their education. HealthCARE Express, Klondike Academy, The Sportsplex, and Medical Practice Success have partnered together and are giving away three $500 scholarships to graduating high school seniors to help give them a head start on the next phase of their education. All that we ask is you pay it forward and submit your best advice to one of the following age groups of younger students so they can know what you wish you had known when you were their age.

The three categories available for submission are:

  • Advice for graduating kindergarteners
  • Advice for graduating fifth-graders
  • Advice for graduating eighth-graders.

Entries can either be a video or a written piece (like a poem or short essay), as long as it somehow relays advice to the students in your submission category.

Contest Details

The winner of each category will receive $500 to help them prepare for college or vocational school.  The deadline for submission is June 8, 2020.

After the submission period ends, judges at HealthCARE Express will review the entries and select the top five pieces in each category. Then, on June 9, 2020, the submissions will be posted to the HealthCARE Express community Facebook pages to be voted on by HealthCARE Express' Facebook fans until June 16, 2020. Fans can vote for their favorite submission by liking its associated Facebook post. At the end of the judging period, the submission in each category with the most likes will be declared the winner! 

This scholarship is available to graduating seniors in communities where HealthCARE Express clinics are located.

  • De Queen, Arkansas
  • Little Rock Metro Area, AR
  • Texarkana Area
  • Atlanta, TX
  • Oklahoma City Metro Area, OK
  • Shreveport, LA
  • Longview, TX
  • Paris, TX
  • Mount Pleasant, TX
  • Marshall, TX

How To Enter

It's easy! Just follow the steps below... 

The fields you fill out in the submission box below depend on your type of submission!

  • Everyone applying for this award should fill out the “Name,” “Email,” “Phone Number,” "Full Address," "High School Graduating From," and “Target Grade” fields.
  • If you have a video, please paste a link to it in the “Link to Video Entry” field.
  • If your entry is a poem or essay, please type your content into the “Entry Text” field.

Pay It Forward Scholarship Entry Form

Choose one of the two following ways to enter:

Please provide a url link for your creative video advice submission. Uploading your entry via YouTube or Vimeo is a quick and easy way to submit your link.
Poem or Essay Entry: Enter your poem or essay advice. Please type your entry in English.